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Welcome to the Charlie Bliss web page.    This page contains a variety of information and links regarding politics, fire fighting, and the Rushford Town Band.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip.
Some of you may know that I went on a missionary trip Dominican Republic at the beginning of August.  Awesome is the only word that I can use to describe the trip even though it got off to a rocky start.  We were supposed to leave the church in Arcade at 4:00am to travel to Buffalo and then catch a plane to Newark and from there continue to the Dominican Republic.  I was in bed when our minister called at 8:45PM and said there was a change in plans.  The fight from Buffalo to Newark had been canceled due to weather.  Therefore, we were going to have to drive through the night to get to Newark in time for our flight.  Despite that setback, the balance of the trip was uneventful. 
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Zoning Law *
*Please note, our Zoning Law is not currently available in electronic form.  This page is a scan of a copy of a copy...
There may be some words that did not properly scan.

Rushford's new ethics policy **
The Ethics policy was scanned exactly as it was presented to the Board. Complete with missing sentences, misspelled words, and lines through the pages.

Background on Zoning Law including the past Town Board and offer for free help.

Frank and Erin's Wedding                

Beth and Todd's Wedding

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